Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Blog!

The Raven Mavens agreed that it would be fun to start a blog to keep track of our challenges and photos.  We'll be adding photos of challenges and design exercises as they occur.

Our first challenge was a Chinese Whispers Challenge.  This was a fun project for the entire group!  It started with a photo that one of the members had taken.  The first person used the picture to create a quilt interpreting the photo as she wished.  She passed her finished quilt to the second person, and they created a quilt interpreting what they wanted from the first quilt.  It continued until the last person on the list has finished a quilt.  The big "reveal" was very exciting, and it was amazing how the subject changed from the first to last quilt.  Below is a picture of the finished pieces.

We had so much fun with this challenge that we decided to do a second one.  We'll post photos of this one as soon as they are available.