Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kathleen's First Commissioned Quilt

The top picture is a photo I was given of a family farm.  Along with the photo I was given a bag that contained an old jean jacket, with the name of the farm, and a the farm's logo (pig). I was asked to incorporate those items into the farm picture in an art quilt.  The bottom photo is the finished art quilt. I found the photo very hard to work from and had many challenges with scale, shadows, etc.  The new owner of the quilt was pleased with the results.  Phew!

Members Painting

Susan showing fabric she painted with acrylic paint.  The fabric on the right is her painted fabric printed on fabric.

Members Susan taking a water color class.  Member Jan is also in this class and this week they did contour drawings using a live model.  Then they water colored one of the drawings.

                                                      Model sitting for contour drawing.

Susan's unfinished water color.

                                                              Jan's unfinished water color.