Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blogology 101

Nancy Dobson, resident Blogologist

As many of us have been very neglectful in updating the Raven Mavens Blog, Nancy took it upon herself to have us all over to her home to teach us the "ins and outs" of blogging.  As a group, we are great Fiber Artist's but not too great on tecky things.

Here are Angela and Jan looking at the TV on which Nancy was showing us our blog.  Nancy has a little Apple what-cha-ma-callit device that she plugs into her computer and then can project images onto her TV.  Notice the technical term for Nancy's Apple thingamagig.  We were each supplied with a complete written sheet of instructions on how to blog and then Nancy tested us by passing the computer around.

One last picture to post of Nancy, Jan and Angela.  Picture posting was to be part of our homework so I am doing my homework now.

We all agreed that we will each take turns posting to our Blog as our turn comes around for various demos for the group.  Stay tuned and hopefully there will be much more activity posted from our members